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Gear Checklist

Gear Checklist

1. Gun: Bring at least one shotgun, a 12-guage or 20-guarge will be perfect.

2. Ammo: Bring two boxes of 25 shells for each day of hunting. Recommend using shot sizes of 2, 3, or 4 shot. 3 inch and 3 ½ is recommended.

3. Choke Tube: Recommend Improved Cylinder and Modified choke for both ducks and geese. Experienced hunters can use full or waterfowl specific chokes.

4. Duck Calls (OPTIONAL): Each of our guides are exceptional callers, we do encourage our hunters to serve as “backup” callers. Pintail/widgeon whistles, snow goose, specklebelly, and mallard calls are all effective.

5. Camo Clothing: Upper body camouflaged clothing is highly desired. Most of our duck hunting is in rice fields, “straw” color is desirable. Hooded Rain Gear or “Quad-Parkas” to shed water are desired. Each pit has “fast grass” lids, which shed 90% of the water, but then we have 3-4 inch rain every few weeks.

6. Camo Hat: Insulated, water-resistant hat which sheds water well.

7. Camo Facemask: Most clients prefer to watch the waterfowl. To ensure the closest range shooting, please bring a full-face mask with eye, nose, and mouth cutout.

8. Waders: The water depth is typically 12-18 inches. We recommend chest waders for all duck hunts in the rice fields and for the timber hunts. Hip boots will also work but waders are preferred.in case you fall to and from the blind/pit to stay dry.

9. Toiletries: We furnish hand soap, shower soap, and toilet paper. Please bring shampoo, shaving cream, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

10. Bath Towel: Bath towels are provided but you are welcomed to bring more of your own.

11. Gloves: Bring a pair of Gore-Tex/Thinsulate water-resistant gloves, we have hand warmers for those that are cold natured.

12. Shell Box: Guides bring two boxes of shells to the pit each trip. We recommend a shell box or shell bag.

13. Cooler: We have kitchen refrigerator and freezer storage, please bring a cooler to transport your game home, including 1 gallon zip lock bags.

14. Warm Socks: Thermax long johns and socks make a very comfortable trip. Temperatures may vary from 20-70 degrees during the trip. Cotton Socks are not recommended.

15. Gun Sling: Wal-Mart sells cheap gun slings, which do not require tapping into your gunstock, they make it more enjoyable when you are leaving the pit with two fists full of game. We also recommend game straps, which hang over your shoulder.

16. Small Flashlight: Mini-mag flashlights are small lighting devices that enable you see in the pits prior to shooting hours.

17. Rain Gear: Not required but always a great thing to have in case in rains so you stay warm.

18. Ear Plugs: 4 hunters and guns in each pit make a lot of racket, we have backup plugs if your party forgets.

19. Sunglasses: The Arkansas landscape is flat, with visibility several miles on a clear day. Bring polarized lenses for the water reflection.

20. Camera: Kodak disposable camera enables live action photos in the pits.

21. Arkansas Hunting License:
Call 1-800-364-GAME and request 5-day waterfowl hunting permit:

  • Arkansas HIP Card: A state HIP card is required even if you already have a HIP card from your state. Ask for it when getting your license.
  • Arkansas Duck Stamp: AGFC will issue the duck stamp over the phone with the permit.
  • Federal Duck Stamp: Federal duck stamps are required and good in all 50 states. These can be purchased at Wal-Mart and at the post office.

22. Bedding: We provide mattress covers, pillow covers, sheets, and comforter.

23. Duck/Game Straps: Lanyards for over your shoulder to carry ducks/geese will save your life. Our 4Wheelers take care of most of this problem.